Texas Rose Rustlers
Texas Rose Rustlers

Fall Cuttings Exchange and Plant Lotto

November 14, 2020 at 10 a.m., Schulenburg, Texas

We have received an overwhelming amount of support for our proposal to hold our annual Texas Rose Rustlers Fall Cuttings exchange and plant lotto this year on November 14, 2020.


Because of ongoing concerns with Covid, we have decided to have an outdoor gathering in a spacious pavilion that will facilitate social distancing during our event. St. Mary's Catholic Church at High Hill (Schulenburg, Texas) has a large pavilion with picnic tables that can make our activities safer and will also provide cover if it should rain. Here is a link: St. Mary Catholic Church About Us


We will gather at 10 a.m. under the pavilion. We have no speakers scheduled for this event, but we are looking forward to having a "show and tell" session.  Please feel free to bring a plant, book, or article that you have found to be of particular interest that you can discuss with our group.  


This year we will not provide any food or drinks, so please bring your sack lunch and beverage of your choice. We also require that you wear a mask and bring your own hand sanitizers and wipes to ensure the safety of all attendees. 


Many of us have dealt with staying home throughout the last few months and we may not have had much opportunity to shop for roses.  Please email us if you are looking for cuttings of a particular rose and perhaps one of our members has it available to share.  We will email a list of the requested cuttings a week prior to the event so that our members can be aware of the roses wanted by other members.


ALSO:  this year, we are having roses for sale at this event. These are roses grown by our own members and not purchased from nurseries. We will submit a list of the roses that will be available for sale in a couple of weeks. 


  • Mark your calendar for November 14th
  • Bring your mask and sanitizer
  • Bring your labeled cuttings and materials necessary to bag and label cuttings that you will be taking home with you
  • Bring requested cuttings that you want to share
  • Bring your lotto plants!


See you then!





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