Texas Rose Rustlers
Texas Rose Rustlers

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Margaret Post Sharpe - 1918-1998

Bobbie McKenna - 1932-1998

Pamela Ashworth Puryear - 1943-2005

Phyllis Barr DeGelleke - 1922-2013

Frances Lucille Idom - 1933-2013

Aubrey R. King - 1956-2012

Patricia Nell Gerard - 1938 - 2013

Liz Druitt - 1957 - 2019


The Rose by the Tomb

by Dr. Robert Basye

Twas in a country graveyard

Forsaken long ago,

I came upon an ancient rose

Guarding an ancient tomb.


Gnarled was the branch

That caressed the mossy stone

But fresh and fair the bloom

Of maidenblush pink and perfume dear.


To the rose I said,

“Why unfold thy tender beauty

Where loved ones no longer come,

Or why waste thy sweetness

Upon this lovely air?”


Replied the rose by the tomb,

“In our garden, long ago,

This maiden loved and cared for me.

To abide with her now

Is the least that I can do.”

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